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  • SecureBox & Padlock
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ATS now offers container Padlocks that provide the highest level of security for your stored goods. Our Padlocks can be purchased for use with any of our new or used shipping containers. Our padlock is offered free of charge with the purchase of a SecureBox. The padlock and SecureBox work hand in hand to achieve the highest level of security.

With our new Heavy Duty Padlock we can guarantee the highest level of security and durability. We urge our customers to hold the new Padlock in their hands to feel its weight and realize that this is no ordinary lock. Once in your hands you get a sense of its robust strength and reliability. Turn the key and release the shackle and note how smooth and easy the motion is with no spring loaded parts to bind or deteriorate over time.  

The new Padlock grants little to no access for bolt cutters or saws and features hardened steel, chrome plated bolt that rotates making this lock live up to its name as a “Jimmy Proof” style Padlock

High Security Shackle – Maximum Cut Resistance
   - Hardened steel & chrome plated
   - Freely rotating shackle resists cutting   
   - Triple chrome plated- great for marine use
   - SOLID Brass body
   - All internal mechanics brass & stainless steel
High Security Key System
   -  Very difficult to duplicate
   -  Requires keyway to turn 90 degrees prior to connecting
      with disks
   - Harder key material means special cutting machines
   - Millions of possible combinations
   - Pick proof
   - No spring loaded parts to wear out
   - Comes with 4 keys
   - Key retaining feature ensures padlock is not left unlocked

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