Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Shipping Container Storage Office

 The shipping container mobile office is one of the most powerful storage solutions on our product list. It is less popular with the general public because of its highly specialized application, but it is highly demanded by industry professionals for its unparalleled functionality.

Our new and improved 20ft job box is built from a 20ft ISO shipping container, making it the ultimate mobile container office. It has built in corner castings that let it be picked up by standard container handlers and forklift pockets that make it possible to load and unload with a forklift. The outside of this office is made out of CORTEN steel, a material durable enough to withstand the harsh Canadian climate and common job site hazards. Buying this job box is a smart investment that will meet all of your job site needs.

When we designed this job box, we consulted with several construction professionals to see some of their most pressing needs in the field. After careful consideration, we equipped our standard 20ft container with several key functions:

  • INSULATION: we used spray foam polyurethane to insulate the container, a material that carries a higher r value than most common insulation options. It makes this container suitable for protecting people from cold in the winter and heat in the summer.
  • FLOORING: we install vinyl flooring throughout the container because it is easier to clean and to maintain than standard wood flooring. It is also more durable and longer lasting.
  • ELECTRICITY: the container is equipped with a full electrical kit including, lights, outlets, a heater and a powerful 8,000 BTU air conditioning unit. Simply plug the 100 amp plug into a power source and the power is on!
  • SECURITY: to protect job site intel and any valuables you may want to store inside, the container comes equipped with a man door welded in place and a unique set of keys.
  • WINDOWS: windows help increase visibility from inside the container to outside, on the site. It helps foremen keep a close eye on operations and allows them to intervene when they are needed. They also provide enough light to preserve electricity when needed.

The 20ft job box is the Cadillac of shipping container mobile offices. It has tons of features that we carefully designed to meet the needs of professionals on the job site. It is available for purchase or for rent from our yards in Montreal and Toronto. Get in touch if you have any questions or if you are ready to place an order.

Custom mobile offices are also available upon request so be sure to contact us today for more information.