Working with shipping containers, there is no doubt that we require big tools to get the job done. While we do use smaller household tools like wrenches, screwdrivers and pliers, the most interesting and useful tools will appear in a short list below. – Let’s start with some of the larger pieces of equipment that […]


As many local residents know, the existing Champlain Bridge in Montreal is being torn down and a new cable bridge is being built in its place. The bridge is a critical connection between the island of Montreal and the rest of the province. Sitting at almost 3.5km long, this bridge has become an iconic part […]


Every day, we move hundreds of containers in and out of our yards. We watch them come in, we unload them and then load them again later for transport to a happy customer. As you can probably imagine, these containers are not light, a standard 20ft container weights about 4,800lbs and the 40ft high cubes […]

The ultimate mobile storage solution

Everybody knows that our specialty is shipping container storage; it is what we’ve been doing for a long time and it is something we’re excellent at! We focus many of our blog posts on different projects we build for our clients, but this post is going to discuss what imagine to be the ULTIMATE shipping […]

CSC Plate and Container Safety

In the mid 1900’s there was a rise in the use of shipping containers to transport different products by sea. This is due to the modular design of the containers, their ability to support large weights and their metal build that can withstand salt water during marine travel. This increased usage prompted the International Maritime […]