ATS Containers is Canada’s leading shipping container and mobile storage specialist. Established over 25 years ago in Montreal, ATS has built a vast network of container depots to serve our customers nationwide. We offer new and used shipping containers, containers modifications and custom mobile offices in the following locations: Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Regina, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver.


We are specialists in new shipping containers and we manufacture almost any configuration currently available in the new container market. New units are often called one trip containers as they have made “one trip” from their factory to Canada. These units are built to ISO standards with CORTEN anticorrosive steel and sustainable wood flooring. ATS includes a secure lockbox on every unit as additional security protection and the units are painted with low VOC paints to minimize the environmental footprint of the manufacturing process.


Used shipping containers typically have a 10-12 year service life and are individually inspected to ensure they are weather sealed and water tight. The doors are verified to ensure full functionality and solid plywood floors are guaranteed to withstand their original 60,000lbs payload of interior storage. These are also known in the shipping container industry as cargo worthy units.


For specialized applications, ATS offers custom storage solutions. With teams of certified welders, electricians and carpenters, we are able to customize any shipping container to meet a customer’s specific need. This can include simple container modifications such as custom paint, steel roll-up door installation, etc and can increase in complexity to custom branding, various insulation options, electrical fixtures, etc.


Container accessories help improve the functionality and/or the security of the shipping container and its contents. The addition of a lockbox will add an additional level of security to prevent against theft. Accessories such as shelving or racking will improve the organization of the interior space while the addition of vents can improve circulation.


One of the most common custom modifications requested is for secure mobile office solutions. ATS offers standard 20’ and 40’ “Job Box” which is equipped with insulation, interior finishing panels, electrical installations, etc to provide fully functional, next day, mobile office solutions. These mobile offices can also be fully customized to customer specifications.