Welcome to the second part of our shipping container housing conversation. In this post we will discuss some of the advantages of building a home using shipping containers. We’ll also share what specialists like look for when purchasing the containers for a build.

If you’re looking to build a home outside the city, alternatives to traditional construction materials are available for vacation homes, cottages and even campsites. One benefit to using shipping containers in home construction is their durability. Not only are they designed to withstand mother nature while traveling across oceans, but they also provide secure storage for valuables at the building site. Depending on how remote the building site is located, you could easily purchase your bill of materials and ship them in your container to the build site. This approach takes more planning however, it can be worth the savings in time and money.

Shipping container homes are also popular choices for those concerned with their environmental footprint. There’s a correlation between people who wish to re-purposing retired shipping containers as homes and those who aspire to live in a more sustainable fashion. Progressive builders now offer “green” off-grid power solutions that integrate solar panels and battery systems, eliminating the pesky monthly electricity bill. What makes these systems more affordable than in the past is the decreased cost of solar panels and an increase of high efficiency fixtures available in today’s market.

We asked what they look for in the containers they select for their builds. When constructing their Octopod model home using our shipping containers, they mentioned a preference for 1-trip high cube containers. These containers would require no surface refinishing and new containers simply provide homes with a longer life span. The high cube containers allow insulating the ceiling and floors from the inside. And interestingly enough, they preferred the nice grey colour to anything else available on the market.

We often see some great homes being built using shipping containers. We don’t build shipping containers homes ourselves, but when you’re ready, we’ll be happy to supply the containers for your project! For help with your build, we recommend contacting for more details. Happy planning!