Modified containers


Custom container modifications have been increasingly popular in recent years as industries and individuals are realizing the full potential of upcycling shipping containers. Our units provide a durable, secure, economical and mobile base for many projects. ATS has a team of professionals available to help design and execute our client’s vision. Whether modifications are kept to a minimum with custom paint, or extensive to include industrial man doors or roll up doors, windows, electrical outfitting, etc we can provide the custom mobile storage solution you need.

Custom container paint can improve the appearance of any sea can and can also help prolong its useful life. Clients can select from universal paint color charts such as RAL or Pantone or provide us with custom paint colors to ensure a perfect match. Some clients will further customize their sea container by installing custom logos and decals to brand their container with their corporate identity.

One of the most popular modifications requested are the addition of roll up doors or industrial man doors. These provide additional access points at any location on the container. Steel roll up doors are lightweight, secure and improve the loading capability of the sea can. The industrial man doors are installed to improve individual access and provide a secure entrance point without opening the original container barn doors.

Insulation is often requested by clients who require a temperature controlled storage environment. Insulation R value can vary greatly depending on the extent of insulation required. Anything as basic as plywood & styrofoam insulation, to insulated panels, to spray foam urethane can be an option that fits within a project budget and application.

Electrical installations can add anything from basic lighting options, outlets, heat and air conditioning to more complex 600V entrances with transformers or even more advanced applications. All electrical work is completed by certified electricians with CSA approved materials to guarantee the quality and safety of the work performed. Inquire with one of our modification specialists in Montreal or Toronto for our basic electrical packages for 20’ or 40’ containers.