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ATS Containers offers the largest selection of new shipping containers in Canada for portable storage. New containers have made a single loaded voyage and are commonly known as one trip shipping containers.

New shipping containers for sale are also referred to as new sea cans or one trip containers. One trip containers have made a single, loaded trip from the manufacturer to its destination. They are in near perfect condition and may show minor signs of wear and tear from multiple points of handling on their loaded voyage.

There are a larger variety of sizing and configurations options available when buying a new container compared to a used container. Used containers are limited by existing containers previously in circulation for transport purposes. New containers are built with the needs of portable storage customers in mind. As such, there are options to buy one trip containers with side door access or open side containers for compartmentalized storage. For chemical storage or hazardous material storage, containers with spill basin are available as well as climate controlled containers known as reefers. Other new container options available include mini containers or double door containers (also referred to as tunnel containers).

Customers that buy new shipping containers are able to benefit from eco friendly, sustainable building materials that have a high resale value when compared to buying a used shipping container. New sea cans retain the durability and security of shipping containers while also being in near perfect aesthetic condition.

As one of the largest suppliers of sea containers for sale in North America, ATS carries an extensive selection and supply of one trip containers at a location near you. We make the process of buying new shipping containers simple & seamless. ATS Containers offers hassle free delivery and our team of professional & knowledgeable staff will guide you along every step of the process.

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