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Shipping container mobile offices for rent offer a secure, flexible and economical solution for job sites. Their portability makes them an ideal choice for construction sites, events, and other temporary or remote work environments.

Shipping container mobile offices for rent are a secure and economical solution for businesses that require temporary office space or shelter. The container offices offer ground level access with no additional set up costs and can be easily moved on site, craned from floor to floor or transported from site to site. This portability allows the office container to move with a project and can save time on expansive sites.

Each office container for rent is fully insulated with closed cell urethane for optimal comfort and includes a comprehensive electrical kit including lighting, air conditioning, heaters and multiple outlets.
Essential amenities such as desks, chairs, microwaves and mini fridges can be installed to provide a comfortable and functional temporary workspace.

Office containers for rent are also known as “Job Box”. These customized containers are durable and built to withstand heavy foot traffic while being easy to clean. Our customers rent mobile office containers for a variety of applications including job site offices, lunch rooms, meeting rooms, ticket booths, remote shelters, first aid stations, etc.

Rent an office container from ATS Containers to see firsthand why businesses prefer portable shipping containers on their sites over traditional office trailers.

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