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! Facebook fraud warning !

There is currently a significant amount of fraud targeting the shipping container industry which has also affected our company. Fraudulent posts on Facebook/ Marketplace have copied our content and pictures to appear legitimate. The posts claim to be made by representatives of our company and request payment up front via Interac e-transfers.

We do not provide pricing or conduct transactions through Facebook platforms. Our containers are payable on delivery and we only communicate through our phone number (866) 846-0270 or via our emails addresses.



ATS Containers is Canada’s largest supplier of new and used shipping containers. With inventory stretching from coast to coast and delivery available in all major cities including Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Ottawa, ATS can meet any storage need! Our inventory ranges from 8’ mini containers to 10’, 20’, 40’ units, and a large selection of specialized shipping containers, including double door containers, open sides, refrigerated containers, and more. At ATS, we pride ourselves on carrying the largest fleet of new and used containers nationwide to better serve you. Whether to rent, buy or modify shipping containers, our priority is to achieve customer satisfaction with every transaction.

All short term mobile storage needs can be met with our fleet of specialized rental containers. Our rental storage containers offer secure, flexible and convenient mobile storage that is ideal for industrial, retail or commercial use. By carrying the largest fleet of rental equipment in Ontario & Quebec, ATS can offer next day mobile storage solutions ranging from 10’ to 40’ in size.

For more specialized applications, ATS also offers custom container modifications. A dedicated team of professionals is available to bring custom creations to realization. From minor modifications such as paint, logo and decal installation to gaining side access with roll up doors, insulating containers, improving ventilation or setting up electrical installations, the possibilities are endless! All container modifications can greatly increase the functionality of the equipment to meet specific client needs. Our highly experienced team is dedicated to creating practical, cost effective designs that meet our client needs.

ATS shipping containers are also a great addition to any job site requiring mobile office solutions. The most popular unit offered is our 20’ job box that comes equipped with windows, electrical installation, insulation, and an air conditioning unit. The container offices are available to buy, rent or customize and they offer secure, economical and flexible solutions.

Whether to rent, buy or modify, ATS Containers strives to achieve customer satisfaction with every transaction.

Our reputation depends on it.

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Home gyms, swimming pools and pop-up stores

With home prices skyrocketing across the country, more and more Canadians (and also Americans) started looking for alternative building materials. Shipping containers are a popular choice for many thanks to their modular design, availability and pricing. Well, not so much anymore. The supply of shipping containers has greatly diminished since the start of the pandemic […]

The ability to repair shipping containers – what can and cannot be done

The ability to repair shipping containers – what can and cannot be done

Other than customizing shipping containers and adding on a ton of cool features such as new paint jobs, roll-up doors and insulation, our team of container modification specialists spends a lot of time fixing and repairing damaged units. Due to their variety of applications, containers can get all sorts of damages from job sites or […]

China’s Monopoly on Shipping Container Manufacturing

China’s Monopoly on Shipping Container Manufacturing

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