Refrigerated Containers


The ATS fleet of refrigerated shipping containers, called reefer containers, comes equipped with a functioning refrigeration unit. Generally, this is a 460volt, 15KVA unit that can hold a temperature between -25C to +25C, but the newer containers come with more powerful refrigeration units that can maintain a broader temperature range. The interior is built with food-grade stainless steel that makes this sea can great for storage of perishable and non-perishable food items or other storage contents that require a hygienic environment. On the outside, these containers are built with aluminum for better climate retention properties. A special feature about these containers is that they come without any vents for air circulation, meaning that these boxes are 100% insulated.

ATS also offers refrigerated shipping containers that come with a non-functioning refrigeration unit. We call these insulated containers because they retain the insulation properties of reefer boxes inside and out.

Like all of our used shipping containers, our used reefers and insulated boxes are 8-12 years old and are guaranteed to be wind and water tight! They also come with operational doors, forklift pockets and lockable door handles for additional security. These shipping containers are available as 20ft and 40ft high cube variations.

New, one-trip refrigerated units are also available in 20′ and 40′ variations. These containers are in perfect working and cosmetic condition, equipped with Carrier PrimeLINE refrigeration units (on the 20′ new containers) or Thermo King Magnum Plus refirgeration units (on the new 40′ containers). With the updated specs on thse newer refrigeration units, they are able of holding temperatures between as low as -40C and as high as +30C, which makes them suitable even for COVID-19 vaccine storage.