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Used shipping containers are secure, cost effective portable storage solutions for businesses or individuals. They are structurally sound, fully functional and watertight which makes them ideal long term storage solutions.

Shipping containers are commonly referred to as sea cans or “c can”. Shipping containers are steel structures that are used for the shipment, storage & handling of goods across the globe. Shipping containers are built by shipping lines for the purpose of transporting goods by cargo ship and generally circulate for approximately 10 to 14 years. Once they have served their primary transport purpose, they are retired from circulation and sold to companies that specialize in portable storage solutions such as ATS Containers. The used shipping containers that are no longer in circulation are repurposed. These containers retain their original factory features such as a durable steel structure that can withhold heavy payloads (up to 67,200 lbs) and security features which make them an ideal mobile storage solution.

Used shipping containers for sale are structurally sound, watertight, free of major dents, fully functional and secure. These containers are typically categorized in the container industry into two grades; wind & water tight or cargo worthy. Our team completes a 12-point inspection to ensure that all used sea cans for sale are guaranteed to be wind & water tight, with functional steel doors, and structurally sound flooring. A cargo worthy shipping container is a used container that has passed inspection and remains suitable for transport by ship, rail or truck using the International CSC (Container Shipment Convention) criteria. Minor dents, markings and surface rust should be expected for all used containers.

As we are one the largest buyers of used shipping containers in North America, our customers are able to benefit from wholesale volume pricing. ATS carries an extensive inventory of used sea containers for sale in every length, height and configuration available on the market. The most common containers in circulation are the 20ft used shipping container for sale and the 40ft high cube used shipping container for sale. These containers represent the majority of sea cans for sale at the most economical price point.

ATS makes the process to buy storage containers simple & seamless. We offer hassle free delivery and our team of professional & knowledgeable staff will guide you along every step of the process.

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