Shipping container accessories are small, affordable add ons to a container purchase that can help improve the security, functionality and organization of the sea can. Accessories vary in application and can be purchased or rented as needed.

The most popular category of accessory are our security accessories. The addition of a secure lockbox, puck lockbox and/or padlock offer increasingly higher levels of security depending on the content being stored, location of the storage container, or other security considerations.

Insta vents are another popular container addition which can be installed within one business day. It helps reduce heat, humidity and remove any potential condensation from inside your sea container. The additional airflow inside helps to adequately preserve the contents being stored. Custom vent sizes are available upon request.

Interior storage accessories help organize the contents inside the shipping container. These are quick install, economical options that help maximize the storage capabilities of the container. ATS offers premade kits or custom storage solutions as needed.

Another common product requested are pins to secure one sea can to another. Stacking pins secure shipping containers being stored vertically, bridge fittings secure containers horizontally and deck mount twist locks secure containers on the ground. Any of these options are readily available in our Montreal and Toronto container yards.