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At ATS Containers, we do our best to ensure our customer experience is as straight forward and easy as possible. If you have any questions concerning your storage container purchase or rental, please refer to our list of common questions below to find the answer you need.

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Please contact a member of our team anytime at 1-866-846-0270 and we’ll be happy to assist you.

We pride ourselves with NEXT DAY delivery. Because we carry a large inventory of all types of shipping containers in our yards, it is usually possible for us to process your order as soon as we receive it and transportation is usually scheduled for the next business day. Modified containers are the exception as they are custom built to specification and are subject to a typical 2-3 week production timeframe.

For a 20’ container, the truck will require a minimum 60 feet of straight line clearance.
For a 40’ container, the truck will require a minimum 110 feet of straight line clearance.
For an easy and safe delivery, the width requirement is 12 feet.

Our shipping containers are delivered on flatbed trucks. To prepare for delivery, we load the containers onto the trailers by leaving a few feet hanging outside the trailer. When the driver arrives, they will back up their truck into the delivery area and raise the trailer approximately 15ft up in the air. Then, they will slide the bed of the truck backwards until the part of the container hanging off makes contact with the ground. Finally, the driver will drive their truck straight out from under the sea can.

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We ask that before taking possession of your storage container you consider the following:

SURFACE: we can drop a container on any of the following surfaces: pavement, concrete, gravel, etc and we can also deliver on dirt provided the ground is not soft. We do not recommend placing the container on grass due to many possible complications that can arise including, damaging the area and de-stabilizing of the ground over time which can shift the containers position. The most important surface preparation is to ensure the area where the container will be going is relatively level.

ACCESSIBILITY: Ensure the delivery area is free of obstacles as well as the area in front of and around the final drop position of container.

ADDITIONAL CONSIDERATIONS: There is no need to sit the container on elevated concrete, wood or railroad ties. However, if you prefer to do so, we will do our best to accommodate you.

For a detailed description of the ground preparation required, please review this blog article we published: Click Here

ATS will not attempt to pick up the container if it is surrounded by snow or frozen in ice. This is to avoid dead run transport charges. The equipment can only be picked up if the container is completely accessible and not frozen to the ground.

The minimum rental period for all container sizes is TWO months.

Our expertise in shipping container modifications spans the course of many years. From simple modifications like paint jobs and decals to more specialized applications like rollup doors, electrical installations and insulation, our team will professionally convert any sea can for the purpose for which you need it.

For a full list of container modifications available, please visit: Click here

As with any great projects, it begins with an idea! From there, the custom container will begin its journey

All of our used sea cans are sold in cargo worthy condition, meaning they are wind and water tight as well as structurally sound. This is to ensure the safety of the contents you may store inside and of anyone handling the containers. More Info

The term “one-trip” container refers to any NEW shipping container which was manufactured overseas, mainly in Asia, and makes one trip from its factory to its destination city, in our case, any ATS location. Because shipping containers are not manufactured in North America, the container is as “new” as a shipping container gets.

One trip sea cans are in excellent condition. They undergo several inspection points to make sure they meet internationally approved quality standards. As proof, we attach CSA approval plates are attached to all new shipping containers that leave from our factory.More Info

All ATS shipping containers for rent are equipped with a standard, secure lock box made from high strength steel. The lockbox encases the lock and protects the padlock from bolt cutters or other break in tools. This is an added security feature which we include on all container rentals.

The majority of shipping containers are dark in color such as red, brown, blue or green. New container colors vary but our most commonly requested color is dark grey.

Payment terms for first time purchases are C.O.D. whereby our drivers will pick up the cheque upon delivery. We also accept Interac e-transfers or direct deposits prior to delivery.

Container rentals are invoiced on net 30 day terms, subject to credit approval.