Mobile Offices for Sale

Mobile office containers are economical, flexible solutions to set up functional workspaces quickly and conveniently at any location. Mobile offices are secure and their ground level entry access & portability makes them an ideal solution as office trailers on construction sites, shelters, locker rooms, retail outlet and other projects.

Shipping container offices are secure, flexible and economical solutions for job sites or remote work areas. With features such as man door access and windows, climate control and electrical components, shipping container offices can provide a turnkey solution for remote workspaces. Mobile container offices are available for sale. For short-term needs, rent an office container for increased flexibility. Container offices do not have any set up costs or stairs compared to traditional site office trailers. Their ground level access offers easy entry and allows them to be moved within a site, lifted from floor to floor or stacked for space constraints.

Each shipping container office includes man door access and windows. They are fully insulated with closed cell urethane with easy to maintain floors and walls. Electrical installations such as lights, outlets, baseboard heating and air conditioning are included to maintain a comfortable ambient workspace. Container offices are useful for many applications including but not limited to construction site offices, portable lunchrooms, locker rooms, first aid stations, retail outlets, etc. They can also be fully customized to fit any specific use.

ATS offers a range of 20ft office containers for sale. The most economical office container offered by ATS is known as the “Econo Box”. This fully insulated unit with complete electrical package offers the essential features of an office container at an economical price point.

The “Job Box” is our flagship 20ft mobile container for sale. This unit is insulated, has a complete electrical package and includes premium quality interior finishes for the highest interior esthetics.

Custom mobile offices can also be modified to meet specific business requirements. All elements of the container are customizable, including container size, doors and windows, insulation type, wall finish, flooring, electrical components, and more. For further assistance in understanding the features of a shipping container office, contact a member of our team who can assist you in buying an office container to meet your requirements.

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