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Refrigerated containers, also known as reefer containers, are climate controlled shipping containers. Refrigerated containers for rent can be adjusted from -40° C to +30° C, providing versatile cold storage solutions.

Refrigerated shipping containers for rent, also commonly referred to as reefer containers, are climate controlled shipping containers. Reefers are equipped with fully functioning refrigeration units that provide a secure and cost effective temporary cold storage solution. The machinery on reefer shipping containers operate on electrical power (460V, 15KVA) and can maintain temperatures ranging between -40° C to +30° C.

As these containers are built with food grade stainless steel interiors, the equipment is ideal for storing perishable items, medicine, electronics or other temperature sensitive items. These reefer containers for rent are temperature controlled and secure, offering an economical cold storage warehousing solution to a wide range of industries.

ATS Containers also offers insulated shipping containers for rent. These are refrigerated units with non functioning machinery and are sought after as they retain the insulation properties of a reefer container. The insulated 20 foot or 40 foot shipping container is an alternative storage solution when the product being stored can be sensitive to temperature variations but does not require a set freezer or heater setting. Click here for more information on renting insulated shipping containers.

All refrigerated containers for rental are available in 20ft reefer and 40ft reefer variations.

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