The Pipe Rack System is an affordable and simple to install piping storage solution. Each bracket hooks on to the D rings that every shipping container and sea can is equipped with, followed by a T bar for support. The T bar stabilizes the bracket and prevents it from shifting during loading and transport. The entire installation takes minutes and requires no welding or drilling into the container.

This storage system can accommodate pipes and other long materials. After they’re installed, the space under them is stilll usable for more storage. The brackets can easily be installed into the D rings of 20ft and 40ft sea cans and can be taken apart as needed, to assist with your changing storage needs.

The Pipe Rack System is commonly used by plumbers for their various pipes, by electricians for wire conduits and tubing and HVAC teams for their various materials. Other uses available.

Pipe Rack System


  • T bars stabilize the brackets and prevent each one from shifting
  • A gusset is already welded into each arm to enhance strength
  • Each bracket weighs 12lbs or 5.5kg
  • Each bracket is rated for 1000lbs
  • Each bracket is 16” deep
  • Each arm on the bracket is at a 30 degree angle
  • 24” of space under each bracket, varies by container height

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