If you’re looking to add side access to your storage container, a steel roll up door is the perfect solution!

All our roll up doors are built with 26-gauge corrugated steel and are coated in a durable polyester white paint for a high quality, long lasting application. The locking mechanism is secure and is made up of a lockable, magnetic zinc coated steel latch that protects your cargo. To accommodate your access needs, the doors come in various sizes and can be built to custom sizes upon request. To protect the structural integrity of your container, the doors are installed within a reinforced steel frame.

The roll up doors are our most popular container modification thanks to how functional they are. The doors easily create multiple, secure access points to the sides of the shipping container and they help establish more efficient organization inside it. Because standard containers require loading front to back, these rollup doors eliminate this requirement and will save you a lot of time.

For more information about our rollup doors, please click here to view the blog article we recently wrote.

Roll up doors


  • Corrugated steel doors, 26 gauge
  • Coated with durable polyester white paint
  • Lockable, magnetic zinc coated steel latch
  • Provides custom access to any side of the container
  • Steel threshold plate

Optional features

  • Drip edge
  • Brush weather stripping

Dimensions available

  • 6’W x 6’9”H
  • 7’W x 6’9”H
  • 8’W x 6’9”H
  • 10’W x 6’9”H
  • 12’W x 6’9”H
  • Custom sizes available upon request

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