China’s 10-day Coronavirus hospital was built with containers

If you haven’t yet heard, the year 2020 began with worries about a global health concern dubbed the Coronavirus (completely unrelated to Corona beer). The virus has created global headlines after it has infected thousands and the number of reported cases and deaths continues to rise. To date, a total of 4 cases have been confirmed here in Canada. The seriousness of the virus was further confirmed after the World Health Organization (WHO) declared it a global emergency.

The virus appears to have originated in China and spread through global travel. Multiple Chinese provinces have been quarantined in order to reduce the quickly spreading virus, but that has also contributed to the inaccessibility of healthcare. To combat the issue of accessibility, the city of Wuhan built a new medical facility in just 10 days! This hospital spans more than 600,000sq. ft, and it is still said to not be ready to treat all those affected by the virus. However, it is important to acknowledge the effort put in by the city. The fact that it took only 10 days to build is impressive in itself.

The reason this hospital was so quick to build is that it is made up of modular, container-like structures. In fact, they are made up of the same 20ft prefabricated office container that we offer here in Canada. Their modular design makes it perfect for quick setups and teardowns in time-sensitive situations such as this. In Wuhan, these offices were laid down on a foundation to even out the surface access and each individual container can be used as an isolation chamber for the patients affected until their symptoms disappear.

There are several benefits to using these kinds of modular containers in disaster relief situations. They are insulated to accommodate using in various climates, they have electrical wiring ready for hook up and used right away (ie. heating, cooling and electrical) and an easy-to-clean / maintain finish inside and outside. These 20’ prefab offices are cost-effective, mobile solutions to this and other global threats.

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For further information on the rapid construction of a hospital in China to combat the coronavirus and its implications, refer to the Washington Post’s in-depth coverage.

Our thoughts are with all those caught up in this situation and we wish them a speedy recovery. We also thank the builders, doctors, nurses and emergency personnel working overtime to care for those affected.