9 mini container cover

A complete list of our new shipping container lineup

Our new shipping container lineup is now larger than ever, with new and updated inventory of standard containers, high cube units, and specialty sea cans. One-trip shipping containers represent the newest condition that any shipping container is available in. The term “one-trip container” refers to the single trip that the shipping container has made from its manufacturing facility, usually in China, to where it ends up being sold in other parts of the world.

In most scenarios, the containers will be in near perfect conditions, occasionally having negligible dents and scratches caused by being loaded into boats and unloaded at the port. Overall, their condition will be far better than that of any used container you will come across. Their price also reflects this better condition, with new containers often being up to a few thousand dollars more expensive compared to used units.

Our current new shipping container lineup starts with a series of mini containers available in 8’ and 9’ lengths. The benefit of these units is that they fit into small spaces and provide a secure storage option when space is a limitation. They are not only shorter in length, but they are also shorter in height than standard height containers. Another one of our mini container units is our 9’ mini shipping container office. This unit offers increased functionality by providing additional access via an installed man door and increased visibility through a high-quality window with protective bars.

The next size up in our container lineup is the 10’ and 10’ high cube variations. Both are ideal for a variety of storage, office and building applications with the high cube offering an extra foot of vertical height.

One of them most common shipping container sizes is the 20-foot unit. This is a standard size of container that most of our customers are interested in. It offers ample storage space inside, a secure way to lock the doors, vents for air circulation and much more. The 20ft container is available in the following configurations:

– The high cube 20ft container offers extra verticality, thus increasing the overall space available to store tall items.
– A three-door variation in which one container door is installed on the from wall of the unit.
– Double door 20ft containers are great because they allow items to be loaded inside from either end of the container, thus simplifying the loading process.
– Open side containers are similar to the double door units in the sense that they simplify the loading process by having one entire side of the container made out of door. This lateral opening makes it possible to transport specialty pieces of equipment.
– One of our most customized units is the 20ft dangerous goods container. This unit has a built in spill basin and drains in the floor of the container, making it ideal for storing and transporting liquids which may spill.
– Lastly, one of our most popular 20ft container units is the 20’ refrigerated shipping container. These units are now equipped with a stronger refrigeration unit and tons of comfort and security features.

Similarly, the 20ft container lineup, the 40ft container lineup offers a variety of containers with different features and options. There are standard height 40’ containers, high cube units, open side units, double door ones and, yes, refrigeration units. There aren’t many differences between the 20ft and 40ft units other than the double length of the container.

All of our new containers are certified wind-and-water tight. They are painted a neutral gray colour chosen to seamlessly blend in with their surroundings and not stand out. These one-trip containers represent the quality that our company strives to deliver every day. If you have any questions about our new container lineup, please don’t hesitate to contact us below.