A real representation of new and used shipping container condition

Aside from choosing between leasing and purchasing a shipping container, our clients have the option of buying a brand-new shipping container or a used one. But the term brand-new shipping container can be a misleading one. In fact, the technical term is “one-trip” shipping container.

The term one-trip containers, or sea cans, refers to the one-trip containers make from their originating factory (usually in China) to the country in which they are sold. During this trip, the containers are loaded with various shipments in order to make sea travel more efficient and less costly.

It sometimes happens that the containers get damaged with small dents, corner post paint rub-off or marks on the inside from being loaded inside. This is considered minimal damage and it is within the norms of a one-trip shipping container. When the container reaches the port, it is unloaded and then placed on a trip and delivered to us. We sell these containers as new containers because this is as new of a condition as available on the market.

Used shipping containers on the other hand maybe have made hundreds or even thousands of trips in the ocean. Because of this, they are subjected to saltwater and other weather elements that often cause corrosion. Normal wear and tear on used shipping containers includes minor dents, surface rust, uneven paint wear from the sun, and even patches. Oftentimes the containers require repairs to maximize their longevity. The proper repair method includes cutting out the damaged panel, welding in a new one, and painting it over.

At ATS Containers, our new and used containers are priced according to the condition they are in. Some used containers appear more used than others so they are priced accordingly. Others are in better condition and this is reflected in the purchase price. However, no matter the container condition, we guarantee they are wind and watertight to ensure the proper mobile storage of your goods.

We sometimes also offer discounted containers in the clearance section of our website. We sell these in as-is condition, but we still guarantee they are wind and watertight. The selection changes depending on the inventory we have and oftentimes the containers that are available are in limited quantity. For more information on our Clearance availability, please visit the link here