As some of you may know, social media has been booming in anticipation of September 20, 2019. More than a million people signed up for the Facebook event “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us” and are preparing the most efficient entry strategy. The link to the event is here.

Although we’d love to find out the secrets of Area 51, our team is busy working on a ton of projects for our clients and as such, we had to respectfully decline our invitation to Storm Area 51. Maybe next time though!

However, the entire event leaves room for some interesting speculation as to the whereabouts of the aliens and their living accommodations. We’d like to think that if there are any aliens inside Area 51, they would be living inside a mecca of repurposed shipping containers. 20ft shipping containers can be repurposed into luxury suites for all aliens to live glamorously and comfortably. Alternatively, 40ft shipping containers can be sectioned off into smaller living quarters resembling human apartments. Shopping outlets and common spaces can also be designed out of any size shipping container so these foreign visitors can enjoy earthly, or other-wordy, libations and foods.

We believe that the metal build of the shipping containers resembles standard architecture qualities of most UFOs and as such, is guaranteed to help all foreign visitors feel right at home. We would especially recommend the usage of our fleet of new shipping container, ranging from 8ft mini containers up to 40ft high cube and other specialty sea cans. The brand-new build is tough to withstand alien tantrums should they ever happen and the gray paint will keep the contents inside Area 51 inconspicuous, and also maintain plausible deniability *if you know what we mean*. We encourage Area 51 to give us a call if they need any help with their shipping container needs – although we do not generally service the US, we would make an exception for them.

Should we be completely wrong about the existence of aliens and the truth turns out to be they are here to take over the world, our world, shipping containers also make excellent underground bunkers. They can be well-equipped with insulation and supplies to last many intergalactic battles.

Nevertheless, Area 51 will likely remain a closely guarded government secret, so we simply hope that y’ all come in peace.