We recently updated our product selection page with a few new items! If you’re wondering, no, these are not new containers that we now offer for sale, but they are very useful accessories you will want to read about.

The first addition is our brand new container partition walls. These walls are designed to help you organize the storage inside your container by creating separate compartments for different items. The partition walls we offer come in different finishes, including drywall, steel, plywood, mesh and more. Custom wall finishes are available upon request and can be fully customized in placement and size as well.

This new mod pairs perfectly with our roll up doors! The doors come in different sizes and allow unobstructed access to each container partition. Loading the container also becomes much easier with a forklift, especially for heavy items.

We recently had a customer purchase a container and modifying it container roll up doors and partition walls to create three separate compartments. One compartment to store cans of paint, one to store tools and the last to store other materials.

The second addition to our product offering is the pipe rack storage system. It is designed to store different types of piping materials, ranging in size and length. The brackets install into the container D rings and don’t require drilling holes into container walls or any welding. Once installed, the brackets leave enough useful storage space below them to allow you to take advantage of the space inside your container.

The system is made up of brackets that can be bought individually. To fit custom applications, you are able to purchase as many or as few of these brackets are you need. Each bracket comes with a Tbar to prevent it from shifting during transport and it is rated for 1000lbs of weight. For long and heavy pipes, install the brackets into each D rings along the side of a 40ft container wall.

The pipe rack system is especially popular for plumbers to store various pipes, for electricians to store wire conduits and for HVAC teams to store their various materials.

The pipe rack system is now part of our monthly promotion and we’re offering you to buy one bracket and to receive the second for half the price, so take advantage! Call us today for more information or to place your order.