When you order your container, it is important to take into consideration placement and ground preparation to ensure the container is relatively level to avoid issues that can arise over time if it is not. Let’s consider some things you need to keep in mind related to ground preparation to extend the useful life of your container.

To be secure and to prevent shifting over time, the container should be delivered on a relatively level surface. Here are some options that we often recommend to our customers:

  • Pavement is a great solution because it is solid and typically, already level. Minimal preparation is required for this surface. Driveways and parking lots are some examples.
  • Crushed gravel is also another ideal solution because the overall surface tension created when gravel is crushed and packed in tightly together is enough to support the weight of the container. The gravel will also not shift itself over time if it was packed in tightly over a large area.
  • Railroad ties, blocks or similar solutions make it possible to raise the container off the ground a few inches. This can help both level the container and also permit a forklift to easily relocate the container in the future if necessary.

However, there is one ground surface that we strongly do NOT recommend:

  • Grass or soil are not good options because the weight of the container can make it sink into the ground over time. If it rains heavily in a season, it is likely to cause run-off dirt over time, something that will eventually cause the container to shift and to sink under its own weight. If one side of the container sinks or shifts, this can lead to issues opening and/or closing the barn doors as they are no longer level.

Furthermore, it is important to keep an even load distribution of your contents inside the container to prevent it from warping over time. If your load is unevenly placed inside the container, the side with more weight will sink into the ground more, causing the container to shift slightly. This can also lead to issue opening and/or closing the barn doors if they are no longer level due to weight distribution and can be the case especially with longer, 40ft containers.

For the most secure placement of your container, you should consider installing deck mount twist locks into concrete. The way these locks are designed can secure containers into the ground and will prevent them from shifting around over time. Having a strong foundation allows you to also stack containers on top of each other if you need vertical storage. If you choose this option to secure your containers, you should be aware that this is a more permanent solution and cannot be easily undone. However, it is the most secure.