A big part of what we do is support brands in their marketing efforts. Especially in recent years, there’s been a trend where more and more companies are turning to modular containers to promote their products and businesses.

This trend is a direct result of the wow factor and economical cost that shipping containers bring to the table. As this is becoming an increasingly common use, it’s still surprising to many people to see shipping containers in unconventional places like the Old Port in Montreal, Yonge Dundas Square in Toronto or the famous markets in Vancouver.

We’re proud to say that some of the structures that we build for our clients belong in an art museum! Some feature creative artwork on the container walls and others include special builds, like popup restaurants and coffee shops that carry specialized equipment inside. We offer a spectrum of different services, so let’s take a closer look.

The simplest form of marketing has always been to build brand awareness through logos and other visuals. That’s why a big portion of our clients choose our custom paint and decal installation services. A simple paint job can make even the most used containers appear more vibrant and grab customers attention. We can match any pantone color that your brand uses and we’ll print and install your logos as well. Click here to see some samples we worked on in the past.

Some other branding initiatives that we’ve done in the past include building fully functional popup restaurants and coffee shops. Many include a cooking station, fridges for food and beverages, and dining options with seating for customers. The greatest advantage of these popup restaurants is that they can easily be taken across the country to all major cities for promotional purposes. The container is mobile, durable and fully functional!

We also helped one innovative restaurant, TOSTO PIZZA in Toronto, stand out from the crowd by using our container doors as an entrance to their restaurants. Talk about making a statement! We have many similar projects on the way this year so stay tuned.

Using shipping containers to promote your business is one of the newest and most innovative trends around. And it’s not without its merits, this trend offers tons of benefits:

  • The modular design makes it possible to easily set up and easily disassemble in high visibility areas.
  • The ability to paint the container in any color that stands out and matches your brand colours, including branding and logos.
  • The ability to create custom builds and layouts, with containers side by side or placed on top of each other.

There are endless possibilities to using shipping containers as a marketing tool for your business. If you have some ideas or you want to hear some of ours, we’re happy to listen!