There’s no debate that we’re mobile storage specialists. By quality and by volume of projects completed, we offer the greatest container storage solutions at unbeatable prices.

Today, we have a new kid on the block that we want to introduce to the world. The 40ft high cube shipping container with side doors is, hands down, the greatest specialized storage solution we offer! What’s so special about it? It’s built to spec entirely for us, which means that no one other than ATS carries it in their fleet of shipping containers.

Like our containers with roll up doors, the 40’ high cube container with side doors is a great way to efficiently organize your storage. We will discuss why in more detail but first, here are some facts:

  1. It is built with CORTEN steel so it has anti rust properties for a longer lasting product.
  2. The flooring is made of sustainable marine plywood that has low moisture content to prevent fungi and termites from attacking it.
  3. It is built with standard container doors in the back, plus four additional sets of doors on the right side for easy access.
  4. It can carry a maximum payload of 40,340lbs inside.


This shipping container has a total of five different sets of doors. The back has one standard set of container doors with locking bar handles and the right-hand side has four slightly different doors. They still feature container locking bar handles for secure locking and easy opening, but the doors are built within the wall and are a little smaller in size.

The container’s design also means your payload doesn’t have to be loaded from the front to the back. The different compartments can be opened up individually and your payload can be easily loaded in with a forklift in each compartment. For security, each set of doors can be locked individually with one of our padlocks.

This design is unlike the container’s sibling, the open sided container, where you have to open the entire side of the container to be able to access its interior. It will save you a lot of time and effort in accessing your container’s contents.


Our shipping container with rollup doors feature a high degree of weatherproofing. There are many different aspects we considered when we decided on the rollup door design and installation process however, nothing beats gaskets. The way the container with side doors is built, all the doors have gaskets around the sides to guarantee a completely sealed environment inside.


Another advantage is that the cost of a 40ft container with side doors can sometimes be lower than the cost of one of our custom-built units. With any of our modified shipping containers, there are a lot of labour hours and materials that go into every build. This container needs no work and is available for sale immediately!

If you’re interested to see a gallery of pictures of the 40-foot high cube container with side doors, click this link here. Because this container is only available to us, quantities are limited and only available in Ontario and Quebec. Please visit our quote request form on our website, or call 1 866 846 0270 for more information.