Many of our clients are from the construction industry including engineering firms, contractors and sub-trades. They often rent shipping containers to store tools and other valuable materials during construction. The containers are the perfect fit because they are mobile from job site to job site, secure, water tight and economical. Perfect fit! Many projects will also use our mobile offices to provide shelter to workers and give the site team’s privacy and the ability to organize projects on site.

Another industry that uses containers for various purposes is the media. They have many uses in the TV and movie industry ranging from storing equipment, props, sets, wardrobes and other gear during production. Sometimes they even use the containers in the set design!

Another very common application for our storage containers is in the automotive industry. Many car dealerships benefit from using 20’ and 40’ shipping containers as storage for seasonal tires. Commonly, many choose to modify their rental units to include our shelving racks so it becomes easier to stack tires and organize them by type and by size. Next time you go to your local dealership to have your car serviced, you won’t be surprised to find a few containers hiding out in the back!

The retail industry typically has two different kinds of storage needs. The first being temporary seasonal storage of their goods that do not fit into the warehouse. They require dry, secure storage of these items. On the other hand, many retail brands prefer to purchase custom built containers. The most popular modification for retail brands is custom paint and the installation of decals and other branding pieces to make the containers more recognizable. Therefore, they gain dual purpose, storage space and marketing of their brand.

Although it may come as a surprise, we serve restaurant businesses as well!  The most popular request in this industry is our reefer units that can hold a particular temperature to prevent spoilage. Often, restaurants, bakeries, etc do not have sufficient physical space to store excess or frozen goods and containers definitely fit the bill. Another increasingly popular trend is for many restaurants to build mobile, popup locations out of shipping containers. TALK ABOUT INNOVATION!

This is just a small glimpse into the way in which the mobile storage industry has adapted to suit the needs of small and large businesses across different industries. While we’ve been adapting our fleet to meet your needs, we’ve become storage professionals. No matter what the industry or application, we can help with the solution!