The advantage of buying your shipping container instead of renting one.

If you follow our social media pages, @atscontainers on Facebook and Instagram, you probably noticed how versatile our shipping containers are. Online, we frequently post photos and articles of shipping containers that are used for storage, some that are used for transport and a few others that have been converted into offices, homes and restaurants or stores.

Because our shipping containers can be used for many different purposes, we cater to our customers’ needs by offering them a choice: they can buy their shipping containers or they can rent them. For some of our clients, this is a very important decision and we want to make it easier!

To help everybody understand what’s involved in making each of these two choices, we recently wrote a blog article to discuss the advantages of renting a shipping container. Now, we are writing this article to discuss the advantages of purchasing a shipping container.

So what are the benefits of buying a shipping container?

Cost advantage: To realize the cost advantage of both choices, you have to realize that time plays an important role. Purchasing a shipping container may involve a larger initial cash outlay, but this cost is only incurred once at the time of purchase. With shipping container rentals, the payments are made on a month-to-month basis. Even though these payments are lower, the total cost will add up over time.

Residual value: With a shipping container rental, there is no residual value remaining. At the end of the rental agreement, the unit is returned and the monthly payments are stopped. All the monthly payments made will only be a sunk cost.

If, however, you purchased your shipping container, you have the option to sell it at residual value. Containers are originally built with durable materials to withstand the salt content in seas and oceans. The different components are welded in place to create a weather sealed box that will protect cargo and the floors inside.

Because of their construction, shipping containers can maintain their value even 10 years after the initial purchase. Many units have a life of more than 30 years even! This means that buying a shipping containers isn’t just functional, it’s a good investment opportunity as well. You can easily sell the container in the future at a price close to what you spent buying it.  Meanwhile, renting a shipping container only adds up a sunk cost to your budget.

Options and availability: Our fleet of rental containers, as previously mentioned, is limited to 10’, 20’ and 40’ containers. The shipping containers we have available for sale however, offer many more options. These include reefer shipping containers that are built with food-grade materials, flat rack and open top containers for easy transportation and custom container sizes including high cube and mini containers to better fit on different-sized properties. Whatever your need, our fleet of shipping containers for sale will have something in stock for you. We also offer new and used containers for sale to meet different budgets.

Container modifications: One of the main advantages of buying a shipping container is that you can modify in pretty much any way you can imagine. Many of our customers choose to modify their containers to improve their security, some do it to increase functionality and others do it for aesthetic reasons. Unfortunately, our rental containers cannot be modified.

To help you decide what kind of modifications you need, take a minute to think about the purpose of your container. Are you building a new garage? A job site office? A new swimming pool? Whatever the application, all the mods we offer are professionally installed by certified technicians to guarantee your safety.

There are other reasons why people choose to buy shipping containers but these are the main ones. If you have any questions or you want a quote for one of our shipping containers, give us a call or send an email to sales@atscontainers.com. Be sure to also follow @atscontainers on Facebook and Instagram for daily updates and monthly offers.