The advantage of adding steel roll up doors to your modified shipping container.

The word is out! Adding steel roll-up doors to a shipping container is the way to go to maximize both storage and accessibility.

For improved storage efficiency, the addition of the roll-up doors separates the container into different compartments and gives you more options to organize your belongings. Our team of certified welders cut open the container side walls and reinforce the openings with steel tubing. The reinforcement process ensures the structural integrity of the shipping container and makes installation on any side of the container easy. Once the structural mods are completed, we install the roll-up and color match the paint.

To make matters more convenient, the roll-up doors come in various sizes and can even be customized to specific lengths. This ensures a perfect fit for your container size and also allows you to create as many, or as few compartments as you need to manage your storage. To accommodate loading / unloading heavy items, the standard 8’ door provides sufficient access for a forklift to lower heavy loads onto the container floor.

Our roll-up doors are made of 26-gauge corrugated steel and are coated with a durable polyester white paint to prolong their life. To ensure the safety of your belongings, the doors are equipped with zinc-coated steel latches. The latches are lockable to deter theft but still allow easy access whenever you need it.

Could your container benefit from the addition of a roll-up door?