Generally speaking, buying anything used raises the concern that it is not in the same condition as a new version of that item. However, that is not always the case. When it comes to the purchase of a used shipping container, our team wants to give you the peace of mind that our standard for quality guarantees the functionality of all of our used shipping and storage containers.

Virtually, the only difference between new and used shipping containers will be their appearance. While new containers look almost perfect, used sed sea cans look a little bit rougher around the edges with some minor rust spots and possibly dings and dents. That is all NORMAL as the shell of the used containers is exposed to various elements throughout the containers’ lives. Below are some of the things we do to give you more confidence in buying a shipping container from us:

– The most important thing to consider when purchasing a used shipping container is whether the container is wind and water tight. At ATS, we always repair containers with CORTEN steel and seal any panels with seam sealer that can withstand the harsh climate conditions across Canada. Furthermore, our containers are uniformly painted (or touched-up) with OEM paint. The paint touch-ups prevents rust from forming and prolongs the life of the container. Overall, these kinds of repairs will maintain the container wind and water tight and keep it looking great.

– We inspect the floor of every shipping container for sale to make sure it meets the carrying capacity listed on the doors of the container. We replace any damaged patches of flooring with new material and seam seal it to preserve the container being wind and water tight from below.

– Before delivery, our technicians take a close look at all the door mechanisms and hinges to ensure the rigidity of the parts and their smooth operation. We replace and repair any parts that may be bent or damaged with parts that will improve the functionality of the container.

– Lastly, our container specialists make sure that all the vents are inspected and are present. This protects the inside of the shipping container by maintaining air flow and preventing mold from forming. The design of the air vents also prevents the outside elements from entering inside the container.

We give our customers the confidence that when they buy a used shipping container from us, they buy a quality item. We invite our customers to come in and check out our container selection at any of our yards across Canada and to pick out a container they like. If you have any questions, you can always reach us by telephone at 1 866 846 0270 or by email at