Containers as a sound barrier during Montreal’s summer construction season

At the heart of innovation is the concept of using existing products and materials in novel ways to solve existing problems. One such example is the usage of shipping containers as a sound wall to protect neighborhoods against excessive sound from noisy construction projects.

The first instance of such a project appears in Côte-Saint-Paul where 40’ shipping containers got stacked on top of each other to provide sound deadening during the demolition of Highway 15. Although it may seem an unusual usage of shipping containers, residents are satisfied with the ability of the containers to create a sound barrier maintaining the quietness of their neighborhood. For more information about the Highway 15 reconstruction project, visit the original Global News article.

This same concept is now being used in a different part of Montreal where a new Aquatic Centre is being built in Rosemont-La-Petite-Patrie. For this project, our 40’containers have been stacked for this sound wall. Many 40’ shipping containers were supplied to this project that is expected to finish building in 2020. Our containers are designed with paint schemes in mind to be less strenuous on the eyes and to easily blend in with tier surroundings. At the same time, we’re happy to help this community keep noise levels down and to allow residents to enjoy their regular activities without disruption.

In general, this usage of shipping containers as sound barriers is also a great opportunity for local businesses to advertise their products and services since the containers provide a large, noticeable surface area to post banners on. Alternatively, if the containers are owned by the community, they can beautify by being turned into art displays by local artists to add to their town’s local character.

The Aquatic Centre was designed collaboratively by 3 architectural firms, including KANVA, Poirier Fontaine Architects and Riopel + Associates. The pool is part of a larger community center designed to be interconnected together. Part of this build are also a theatre, a library and other recreational spaces. For a closer view at the vision of the new Aquatic Centre, please visit the designers’ website.

Image credits to Global News.