In order to purchase a shipping container, our team tries to make the process simple and straight-forward. We have a team of knowledgeable staff who can assist you with making a buying choice.

The first step in choosing a shipping container is determining the length of time you will need to use it for. In some instances, people only require short term storage solutions, so choosing to rent a shipping container may be the most economical option. If the need for storage is more permanent, then purchasing your own sea can is ideal.

Regardless of whether you are buying or renting, we offer a large variety of container sizes in each case. Our rental fleet has grown to include specialized units with roll-up doors, office containers, double door containers and even reefer sea cans. Our fleet of used containers has also grown to now offer specialized 10ft storage containers with roll-up doors. Our goal is to be able to service any and all of your shipping container storage needs. Be sure to check in with our team to verify availability of these products in your region.

Once you have decided on which kind of container unit you need, our team can arrange delivery of the container to your door. At this point, you only have to figure out the placement of the container on your property and let us know how to load the container – either doors to cab, or doors to rear. And you’re set! The container should be delivered to you within a few days barring any major modifications you need done to it.

Please note that we encourage our customers to consider some of our container accessories, especially the ones surrounding safety. From our padlocks, to out puck lockboxes, these security systems offer varying degrees of safety against theft.