We would like to introduce to you a brand-new addition to our shipping container lineup: the 40’ one trip high cube refrigerated container. This 40’reefer container is great for storing and transporting food and other temperature-sensitive products. The new condition of the container means that it is in near perfect condition, with the possibility of only minor scuffs and damages that one-trip containers may be associated with.

Commonly known as a reefer container, this new unit is constructed out of a 40’HC ISO shipping container. Like all other reefer containers, this one is built with a stainless-steel exterior that is resistant to corrosion and gives it a clean appearance. The interior walls are finished with a food-grade aluminum and stainless-steel hybrid that is easy to maintain. Between the interior and exterior, there is a layer of polyurethane insulation for more effective control over temperature fluctuations.

On the inside, the flooring is finished with flat aluminum panels that are easier to clean and maintain than traditional grated floors. One of the coolest new interior features of this 40’ new reefer container is the interior lighting kit that can be turned on and off at the flick of a switch. The bright interior lighting increases visibility through the length of the 40ft container. Another cool feature that this container is equipped with that used reefers do not is a sliding door curtain to help maintain temperature changes when the OEM container doors are open.

The refrigeration unit attached to these reefers is a Thermo King Magnum Plus unit. They feature a digital scroll compressor with an aluminized coating that can maintain a temperature range between -40C and +30C. Using Freon R452A as a refrigerant, these units are efficient in their cooling.

These units are ideal for storing and transporting food and other temperature-sensitive materials. Reefer containers have been essential to commercial and industrial applications and are part of many carriers’ fleets. We have added these new units to our new container lineup to give our customers the choice between used, fully functional reefer units and newer, more efficient ones with a cleaner appearance.

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