We share a lot of cool content on our social media platforms that we find around the internet. We thought it might be a fun idea to do this quick write-up about some of the coolest shipping container conversions we have seen out there.

– The coolest, and generally the conversions that attract the most attention, are shipping container homes. A lot of people are attracted to these builds because they are such a close alternative to any home buyer out there. The modular design appeals to a lot of people because it steers away from the classical square home with a triangular roof. Container arrangements are almost endless and we have seen people get very creative with their builds – like the Sea Container Cabin we supplied containers for. However, those who have done these builds say the cost is not as cheap as most people might think.

– The second cool conversion we’ve seen is in the office environment. People joke that the office is like a second home so it’s nice to see how some companies spruce up their workplaces. We noticed that office containers generally fall under two categories: the first where an entire office is built out of containers and the second is when containers are simply integrated within a traditional office building, making it more like a hybrid office.

– Though not the craziest idea we’ve seen out there, a lot of construction companies and trades professionals prefer building mobile workshops out of shipping containers. They can quickly equip the container with all the power tools and equipment they need and move it from one jobsite to another, as needed. We noticed it’s also very common of a trend for artists and wood workers.

– Many people seem to enjoy using shipping containers for their hobbies. We’ve seen people before convert containers into private gardens with green roofs or solar panels that power their main home. We even heard people converting them into their personal man caves!

– There is one set up we saw online that is not common but it stood out the most out of all other trends out there – a shipping container gym! There’s a picture of it floating around the internet and even we have shared it in the past, but it is a fully equipped gym on the beach.

– Lastly, we noticed this popular trend across Australia especially where companies organize shipping container markets. Generally, multiple containers are organized together and each container or half of a container is dedicated to a unique store. Many locals and tourists are attracted to these establishments and cities welcome them to boost local business.

There are some very creative uses of shipping containers but we always find it cool to see what other people come up with. Feel free to share anything that has caught your attention by private message on Facebook or Instagram.