Montreal spa uses shipping containers as design element

Montreal’s Old Port is widely regarded as the heart of the city because it is vibrant with life, social activities and character. It is a prime spot to grab a few drinks, to bike around, and to do some shopping. All fairly exhausting activities however, it is also a great spot to find some quiet dining and, less known to some people, have a spa day?

Yes, you read the correctly – in the midst of all the busyness, Vieux Port is home to the famous Bota Bota spa. Within their packages, you can experience a variety of body massages, facial treatments, saunas, jacuzzis and their famous infinity pool. It is the ultimate relaxation experience offering an oasis to re-energize yourself in the middle of a busy urban hub.

The reason we like Bota Bota as much as we do is because they incorporated shipping containers within their building process. Not only that, but we modified and supplied them with the containers they needed. Due to the location of their land and the presence of railways around it, the most viable alternative to bring in building materials was by boat. We repurposed several containers with cutouts for windows and doors and outfitted them with an electrical setup. The containers were also used to transform the locker rooms into an urban oasis.

Once the container had been secured in placed, their outside was refinished with wood to give them a more rustic appearance. Their roof was also transformed with an oversized green panel to preserve the serenity of this experience. We can write about the wonderfulness of this place at length, but it really is best to experience it for yourself. For more pictures from the development of Bota Bota, please visit the architect’s website at the following link.

To visit Bota Bota, please visit their website here.

Inhabitat article

Photo courtesy of Lucy Wang from Inhabitat.