We’re excited to share some updates that we have been working on to better meet our customer’s storage needs! We updated our product selection to offer even more buying choices and even more specialized shipping and storage containers.

Our standard rental fleet always included the most common containers that fit basic storage needs: 10’, 20’ and 40’ containers. In the last few months, we added 10 specialized products to our rental fleet! This included, mobile offices including our 20’ job box that is loaded with features, a 20’ and a 40’ container with roll-up doors respectively to offer sectioned storage with ease of access, 20’ and 40’ reefer containers to help you temporarily store temperature-sensitive materials, 20’ and 40’ insulated containers and also 20’ open side containers and 40’ double door container.

The units above are available for rent due to high demand for specialized storage needed for a temporary period of time. These units are still available for purchase if interested, but are now available for rent as well. At this time, these specialized units are only available for lease in Ontario and Quebec.

Our used container section has also been updated to now offer a 10’ container with a 7’ wide roll up door. This product has been in high demand due to how little footprint it has and the easy roll up door access. It is ideal for tight spaces!

We continue to update our product offering regularly. Be sure to check up on our website and our social media pages to stay up to date with when new products come out. As always, if you have any questions for our sales team by telephone at 1 866 493 4863 or by email at