The ATS Difference

Largest inventory of rental units available in Ontario, Québec & Alberta
Rental fleet of new containers for optimal door functionality and payload capacity
Factory painted light grey for professional and neutral appearance
Wind and water tight guarantee
Completely sealed, with two-sided rubber gaskets on either side of doors
Polyurethane flooring provides increased durability and a cleaner finish
Tie rails and D-rings for additional lashing or tie downs of goods
Secure lockbox included for extra security
Same or next day delivery

Why Rent

  • Airtight and watertight storage to ensure goods stored remain dry
  • Economical compared to other storage alternatives such as warehousing, etc
  • Flexible rental terms with no pre-determined terms or contracts
  • Ground level, secure access
  • Same day or next day delivery or pick-up available
  • Economical
  • Relocation available
  • Changing business needs

Who Rents

  • Construction job site tool and equipment storage
  • Retailers for storage of promotional or seasonal goods
  • Restaurants and bakeries with limited space for storage of cake boxes, additional seating, and other equipment
  • TV and film as set or storage
  • Tire storage for car dealerships
  • Outdoor signage for events
  • Mobile offices for temporary work station across any industry

Rental Container Delivery

We deliver all ATS rental containers on tilt and load flatbeds. This makes it easy to back in within customer property and use the flatbed to drop the container right where you need it. However, it is important to review the length requirements for shipping container delivery. The diagrams below show how much space is needed to deliver 20ft and 40ft containers. It is also important to plan for the direction the container doors will be facing. When placing your order, let us know if you want the container doors to face towards the front of the truck cab or towards the back. This will help us give you the access you need.


20ft container delivery

40ft container delivery

Door Orientation

Most standard shipping containers have doors on one end. Hence, the placement of the original container doors on the truck is very important to consider for its final placement at your location.

Keeping in mind that the truck backs into position to tilt the container onto the ground, loading the truck with the container doors facing the rear will result in the doors being placed in their final position first.

If the container doors are loaded to face the cab of the truck, the doors will be the last part of the container to be placed onto the ground. While the sales team can certainly help explain the process in more detail, it is the customer who better understands the final placement on site and must provide us appropriate door loading directions for delivery.


Doors to cab

Doors to rear


ATS Containers offers short and long term shipping container rentals to meet our customers’ mobile storage needs. All of our shipping containers for rent offer secure, flexible and convenient storage anywhere our customers need it! Our fleet of rental containers is available in the Greater Toronto Area, Ottawa, Montréal, Québec City and Edmonton. The sizes of our storage containers include 10ft, 20ft and 40ft, all of which have next day delivery available in all of the areas we service. These storage solutions are perfect for retail, commercial or industrial use.

For specialized mobile office solutions, we offer a range of standardized and custom-built modular shipping container offices. These include specific components that cater to heavy industrial customers that require secure, transportable spaces that can follow them from site to site. Refrigerated shipping containers, also known as reefer containers, contain functional heating and cooling units for the storage of temperature-sensitive materials or food. Reefers have an aluminum exterior and a food grade stainless steel interior that can range from -25C to +25C.


Where We Rent