Imagine the day your shipping container gets delivered to your door by a self-driving truck. Tesla has been making leaps in recent years improving the technology behind self-driving cars and even Amazon is working on its own drone delivery service. From self-driving Uber to self-driving personal vehicles, to self-delivering shipping containers, the future has arrived.

The concept behind self-driving anything is convenience, efficiency, and safety. In regard to convenience, imagine not having to drive in to work every morning. You simply hop in your car and it takes you to work. The time on the road can now be spent catching a few more z’s, preparing for an important morning meeting, or having a healthy and balanced breakfast. In theory, traffic congestion would be reduced as well as the self-driving cars would be synced to local traffic patterns and would know to adjust to the most efficient routes available. As for safety, the sensors on these self-driving vehicles and a GPS navigation system that is synced globally would, in theory, reduce human error and incidents on the road.

Admittedly, the stage that this kind of service is at right now is nowhere near perfect, but it is getting there. More research and investments are being made into improving the capabilities of self-driving cars, with Elon Musk even bringing in technology from his SpaceX program into the game.
That brings us to the possibility that there may be one day when you are able to order a shipping container and have it delivered by a self-driving truck. What becomes curious, however, is how the deliveries would work. A lot of our deliveries are done on flatbeds, where the truck backs into our customers’ properties and drops their container in place. It would be interesting to see if these self-driving trucks would have the capability to operate these delivery controls or if a human operator would still be necessary.

What do you think? Are humans to be replaced by these kinds of technologies or simply have our lives enhanced by it? Please comment your thoughts below and to learn more about our delivery methods, please visit this page on our website.