Reefer container uses amid the COVID-19 outbreak

As the death toll from the COVID-19 Coronavirus rises across Canada, some facilities are becoming overwhelmed and unable to handle the high number of cases. It has become clear that some hospitals and other care locations simply lack the tools and the facilities to deal with the severities of a pandemic such as the COVID 19 outbreak.

While doctor and nursing staff are doing their best to handle the health situation of those infected with the virus, the death toll from the virus is drastically increasing. As a result, hospitals have had to resort to some uncommon measures to handle the unfortunate cases where patients succumb to the virus.

In one particular instance, a care facility from Trois Rivieres in Quebec used refrigerated shipping containers to safely and securely store the bodies of the victims from the virus. They explain that this method allows them to remove the bodies from their shelter facility quickly and to limit the risk of spreading the virus before final arrangements are made.

Unfortunately, inadequate PPE and a lack of clean facilities appears to be the main reason why the virus outbreak has been so severe at this particular long-term care home. We hope that everyone takes adequate measures to protect themselves and those around them from the virus.

As unfortunate as this piece of news is, we offer our deepest condolences to those who have lost loved ones during this very difficult time.

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