While the world appears to have mostly shut down with the onset of the global pandemic, the market for secure storage is in high demand. It seems that the majority of companies are looking to rent equipment for emergency storage during the COVID-19 shut down. Since containers are low cost, mobile and highly secure, they are also highly convenient solutions. For example, many of our construction clients who had to shut down their operation for safety reasons, have opted to rent out 20’ and 40’ shipping containers to safely store their tools and machinery.

Additionally, we have been involved in converting containers for mobile testing centers for suspected COVID-19 cases. 20’ sea cans can be retrofitted with all the safety precautions and tools to operate an effective testing center. Since these containers are highly mobile, they are ideal for transporting to places where they are needed. Once the number of suspected in one area decreases, the containers can be relocated to new regions where they may be needed.

In some situations where companies do not have the means to allow their employees to work from home, they have resorted to renting our / buying mobile office containers that their employees can safely socially distance from one another and conduct their activities. For instance, we received requests from all professional service firms to rent out mobile office containers as well as many contractors to use them as lunch rooms for their employees.

Lastly, ATS has also been contacted by disaster relief organizations for reefer containers needed to store materials in temperature-controlled environments.
While the pandemic contributes to a general state of unrest and uncertainty, we’d like to offer our services for any storage needs you may have. If you have any questions, you can always reach us by telephone at 1 866 493 4863 or by email at