Shipping container summer trends

Although this summer has been a mixed bag of emotions and restrictions across the country, Canadians are still trying to do their best to enjoy the summer months that are left. We wanted to look forward to a happier time and a future with more potential. We’d like to explore some of the ways in which shipping containers can be used to enhance summer activities at a time when things return to some kind of “normal”.

Shipping container art installations
Art installations come in various shapes and sizes. Shipping containers can be used as a back-bone to these art installations or they can be used as art installations themselves. On one hand, we have had customers purchase or rent containers and using them to set up their art pieces on them. Other customers have purchased containers and painted over them with intricate designs and turned the containers themselves into art pieces. Given their shape and size, they are definite art catchers.

Shipping containers at music festivals
Even throughout this summer, we had the opportunity to participate in the Festival de Musique Émergente “FME” in Rouyn, QC. We converted a few of our shipping containers into stages and lookout points for attendees. The containers we used were safely stacked and used to hold the weight of a sizable crowd, making for an excellent viewpoint of the sunset over the festival. Alternatively, containers can also be used by vendors to set up pop up shops, with the ability to both sell and store their merchandise.

Shipping container swimming pools
With the warm summer weather, everyone is craving a pool to cool down in. Now more than ever, there are many options available to do so, including customizing a shipping container to turn it into your own above-ground / below-ground swimming pool. We’ve seen some designers create unique looking container pools of various sizes. The process is relatively simple and it begins with excavating your backyard, laying down some pipes and drainage and then installing an already built container pool.

Shipping container markets
Containers can be customized in a variety of different ways, including creating cut-outs for windows and doors, retractable kiosk stands and colourful paintjobs. Many brands have been opting to build their very own, mobile popup container. Once customized with each brand’s colours and logo, the container can be transported across the country to attend various markets and events. We’ve seen this done by cafes, apparel companies, food services and even automotive manufacturers eager to promote their latest and greatest. The beauty of this option is that the containers can be modified as simply or as intricately as a brand / company wishes.

Container cottages
Last but certainly not least, one of the coolest trends in sustainable living has been the creation of container cottages. Although this trend is not exclusive to the summer months, many developers have turned containers into individual-sized cottages for those eager to get out of the city. The cottages can be designed to include almost every creature comfort imaginable and their appearance can be modified to not look like a container structure at all.
Have you considered any of the above? We’d love to hear from you and how you used shipping containers to take advantage of the summer months.