With winter right here, the change in seasons always sees a spike in the storage needs of many of our clients. From automotive dealerships going through tire change season to landscapers putting away their summer equipment, we spent the last few months serving our clients storage needs. Here is a brief overview on what the arrival of winter means for our clients.

The harsh winter months pose a challenge for tools, products, and materials that can be spoiled or damaged by severe weather. Many clients find it cost-effective to rent out shipping containers during the winter months to store equipment, materials, or even batches of their product. This keeps operational costs down without the need for a big upfront payment for the purchase of a shipping container. Once the season is over, the container is returned and the customer no longer has to worry about it. Examples of this include car dealerships who often store their customers tires. An extension of this are clients who store their cars inside containers to protect them from wind, snow, and ice.

We also get contacted by various cities to support their winter events. For example, in Montreal last year, we supplied mobile office containers in support of Noel dans le Parc. We had a blast contributing to the event and helping participants keep warm!

The benefits of our containers in the winter months include:

– Reliable storage solution that provides wind and watertight containers for maximum protection
– Same-day or next day delivery on tilt-and-load flatbed trucks
– The options to rent, purchase or modify shipping containers to fit your storage capacity
– Clean containers, friendly customer service, and top quality

We give our customers the confidence that when they buy a used shipping container from us, they buy a quality item. We invite our customers to come in and check out our container selection at any of our yards across Canada and to pick out a container they like. If you have any questions, you can always reach us by telephone at 1 866 493 4863 or by email at