Let’s talk about who we are.

ATS Containers is one of the largest suppliers of new and used shipping containers in Canada. We have a total of three offices, one in Montreal, one in Toronto and one in Edmonton. From these locations, we provide B2B and B2C shipping container services all over Canada.

Our customer base comes from various industries. Our clients need storage solutions fast and in large quantities. That is why our yards house thousands of new and used shipping containers! They are available in all sizes, anywhere from 8ft mini containers to 45ft high cube ones.

We are an industry leader because our service is fast and reliable! Our talented sales team is friendly and will help you find the right container solution for you. If you need a shipping container for storage applications, they can recommend some functional choices. This includes shipping container roll-up doors, garage doors, windows, electrical kits and fresh paint jobs. These services are available to all of our clients in Quebec and Ontario and are completed by our team of professional welders, certified electricians and attentive detailers.

For anyone needing temporary storage solutions, we carry a fleet of gray rental units in our yards in Montreal, Toronto and Edmonton. Our terms are simple, our prices affordable and our availability is immediate.

We also offer modified shipping containers in Ontario and Quebec. Whatever application you need a container for, we can make it happen! This means we can install all sorts of doors, windows, decals and paint jobs. We can do even more, we can insulate containers, make them taller, larger or even smaller!

All of the containers that we sell and rent are damage free, weather sealed and in functional order. Of course, our used containers and some of our rental units come with minor cosmetic imperfections, but we always make sure they are suitable for your use.

If you need to talk to us about your storage needs, we welcome you to call us. Our phone number is 1 866 846 0270 and our hours of operation are listed on our website in each location. Come see the ATS difference for yourself!