With winter finally easing up on us, a lot of our clients are putting away their winter essentials and are gearing up for spring. To help them secure their belongings, we stocked up on 10ft, 20ft and 40ft ATS rental containers. 20ft and 40ft storage containers are available in all of our locations across Alberta, Ontario and Quebec, and 10ft storage containers are available in Ontario and Quebec only.

The three different sizes offer flexibility for a lot of applications for retail, industrial or jobsite applications. The 10ft shipping container is ideal for those whose storage needs remain constant during the year since the space inside is limited. The benefit of the 10’ container however, is that it has the smallest footprint of all the rental containers we offer. On the jobsite, the 10ft storage container is great for storing tools, small pieces of equipment and seasonal signage, including winter equipment like shovels, snowblowers and more. Because it is weather sealed, it protects the contents inside from all elements.

The 20ft and 40ft storage containers offer more storage space and are preferred by clients who operate larger jobsites and require more interior volume. Many of our clients frequently put away larger snow removal equipment and tools or use the containers for year round storage. The 40’ shipping container is especially accommodating for year-long storage of leaf blowers, snow removal and lawn maintenance equipment.

As always, all of our offices offer great prices on all container rentals, with inventory being available the same day or next. All containers offer the following features:
– Easy maintenance
– Ground level access
– Security
– Flexible rental terms
– Professional appearance

To set up delivery, call us today 1 866 846 0270.