The Citizen Care Pod is the COVID solution we needed

When the COVID-19 pandemic began at the beginning of this year, it wreaked havoc on most local economies and their health care system. The biggest fear was, and still is in light of the possibility of secondary and tertiary waves, not having the health care infrastructure necessary to support mass testing, treatment and containment of the virus.

The reason we’re writing about it? The Citizen Care Pod is built out of shipping containers. The retrofit is quite incredible! 20’ containers are said to be split in half, creating 2 socially distanced testing facilities within each shipping container. Plexiglass windows separate healthcare professionals from those wishing to be tested and lining up for the tests. Cameras are mounted on the exterior of the container to monitor whether people are maintaining 6-ft apart between each other and whether they are wearing masks or not. Speakers and easy-to-clean tablets maintain communication lines open but also safe.

The biggest advantage of the Citizen Care Pod however, is its mobility. In a fast-changing world where we have no idea how the virus might develop and spread in the near future, it is important to be able to mobilize all available resources to respond to any future outbreaks or spreading of the virus. Because the Care Pod testing centres are built from 20’ containers, the modular design of the containers allows them to be quickly loaded up and transported to wherever in the country, or the world, they may be needed. As the case may be, 2 testing centres may be loaded up on one 40’ trailer to make transport more efficient.

Having said all of the above, we are excited to announce that our team is involved in the supply of these Citizen Care Pod testing centres before they are deployed for services across the country. We are delighted to have the opportunity to contribute something positive to a situation that has impacted us all so negatively. We hope that these pods will contribute to eradicating the COVID-19 virus and help to get our world back on track. If you feel any COVID symptoms, we encourage everybody to seek medical advice and to do so in a safe and as-healthy-as-possible manner.

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