pool made out of shipping container

The Coolest Custom Container Applications We’ve Seen and Done.

Having been around for over 30 years, we’ve been fortunate enough to participate in bringing some very interesting and innovative client visions for their modified containers to life. We selected a few of our memorable projects to share and hopefully, inspire your own customer container modification.

Water filtration system. One of our customers tasked us with designing a storage container that can house a water filtration system inside. This was a new and exciting challenge that our team was quick to tackle. We repurposed a 40’ new high cube shipping container in order to maximize the interior storage volume. We picked with a new unit because the final project would end up in a street-facing position so we wanted to maintain a clean looking appearance. We installed an electrical system and insulation panels and worked with the client to install the filtration system and route it inside and out of the unit.

Custom job site storage. Although we build custom job site storage options on a regular basis, we are particularly proud of this one. Our client had a need to store various tools and equipment, including small pipes and tubes. We consulted with them to understand their need and budget. Our team repurposed a 20’ used shipping container and installed a pipe rack storage system, shelving units and a custom work bench at the front of the container.

Green roof container homes. We always get excited when we see environmentally sustainable practices being implemented in modern home design. One such trend has been turning the roof of container homes into a green roof. Architects and builders often work together to implement this design feature that can foster a neat little ecosystem of grass, plants, flowers and other living beings. To be correctly functional though, the containers have to be well-insulated to prevent dirt seepage and passage of insects to inside the home.

Rooftop balconies. Another cool design for shipping container houses is rooftop terraces and balconies. Many have designed their modular home to feature rooftop patio on which they can spend time and relax. Low glass walls or railings are often added around this space for safety reasons. We think this is a fantastic way to maximize the way space is used and to take full advantage of the modular design of container homes.
Container swimming pools. One of the coolest trends of all that we’ve seen around is turning storage containers into swimming pools. Although this is not always the most financially reasonable choice to make (compared to traditional swimming pool building), the end results are awesome to look at. The biggest challenge to building these types of swimming pools is making sure the structure is 100% watertight and insulated. Once the structure is built and installed, the exterior can be finished with a variety of woods, plastics or even glass. Stairs can also be built into the design to aid access into the pool.

Of the above projects, which ones do you like the most? Please dm us on our social media platforms to let us know. If you have any other ideas you would like to see brought to life, reach out to our sales team to discuss how shipping can be incorporated into your design.