We often share photos and projects where shipping containers are used as the building block for homes, cottages, garages, offices and other fun and innovative structures. The cool thing about shipping containers is that they are modular by design which allows them to be easily assembled and disassembled. They can be stacked vertically, or arranged side-by-side horizontally for a modern-looking structure.

Shipping containers are generally considered to be cheaper building blocks than regular construction materials. However, cost is relative. We would recommend building any living structure with brand new, one-trip shipping containers to avoid rusting over time. These containers are freshly painted and would last a lifetime.

The building process is a little bit easier depending on where the structure is being placed. In some regions of the world and depending on the design of the final structure, you may not be required to pour a foundation – instead, you may be able to get away with simply securing the containers onto cement blocks. Of course, you would have to check in with your municipal government to review building requirements.

Another great thing about building with containers is that most of the work can be done off-site. The containers can be pre-cut, have door / window frames welded in and they can be fully insulated and covered with paneling before they are moved into place. Once in place, the edges can be welded, the seams are sealed and the space is nearly ready for move in.

It seems that people are attracted to building living spaces with shipping containers due to the concept of tiny living. The spaces built with containers are usually small and combine indoor / outdoor living concepts where owners make use of the surrounding space outside of the container, oftentimes by building large patios and green spaces.

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