The ultimate mobile storage solution

Everybody knows that our specialty is shipping container storage; it is what we’ve been doing for a long time and it is something we’re excellent at! We focus many of our blog posts on different projects we build for our clients, but this post is going to discuss what imagine to be the ULTIMATE shipping container storage solution.

For obvious storage capacity reasons, a 40ft high cube shipping container is the ultimate storage container of choice. It allows long materials like tubes and pipings to be loaded in lengthwise and the additional 1ft of height storage means taller objects can be stored inside. For this purpose, a new container means that there will be fewer imperfections outside and the unit will look better that way.

Now, additional mods can be the following:

– Three 12ft roll-up doors, large enough to allow sizable materials to be loaded in sideways either by hand if they are light enough or with a forklift if they are heavier. The doors also create access to the different compartments created when the walls are cutout to make it possible to install the doors.

– Interior walls will create partitions inside the container that will help isolate the contents stored inside. This makes it easier to stay organized and to keep materials separate from each other.

– Insulation is a must for us. Especially for the materials we work with, there are various gases we use for welding and paints that need to be stored in a temperature-controlled environment. Polyurethane insulation is sprayed under and inside the container to regulate temperature fluctuations between Canadian seasons.

– Paint and decal. We’re proud of who we are and obviously, we are going to paint the container in our colours and install our logo all over the container!

– Shelving and pipe storage systems make it possible to take advantage of all the space a 40ft HC container has to offer. It helps keeps things organized and maximizes the ability to use by storing contents on the sided wall and under the kits.

– Puck lockbox. For security reasons, we prefer this security feature because it minimizes the possibility of burglars getting access into the container with bolt cutters.

This storage solution is meant to be Rolls Royce of storage containers. It features modifications that improve appearance and mods that enhance its purpose and functionality. For more practical applications, cheaper solutions are available. All of these projects are custom built for our clients so it’s best to contact one of our local specialists to discuss your needs.