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Used shipping container lineup from ATS Containers

At ATS Containers, we have an extensive used shipping container lineup to include a large inventory of the high-quality units that meet a large variety of storage needs. This includes our most popular units that come in 10ft, 20ft and 40ft variations.

Our used container units are typically 12-15 years old, with solid plywood flooring, operational doors, lockable handles and minor dents and surface rust. Our used units are wind and watertight and in cargo worthy condition.

Currently, the smallest size of used containers we offer is 10’ in length. This is not a standard shipping container length and is a modified container. It is a 20’ used container, that has been cut, closed with OEM panels and re-painted. Given the labour and materials involved, this small container is more expensive that a 20ft standard sea container. The smaller footprint of this unit is ideal for mobile storage in constrained spaces. The 10ft container with roll-up doors is a less expensive alternative that offers more convenient access inside and it makes loading and offloading of contents easier.

The 20ft used container lineup offers a wide variety range of standard and specialty container units. The regular 20ft used shipping container is our most popular unit, offering ample storage space and availability across Canada. It is also the easiest to transport and fits in most customer spaces. We also offer 20’ open top shipping containers that feature a tarp cover that allows large pieces of equipment or storage items to be loaded in from the top of the container. This is typically used in very specialized storage applications. 20’ used flat rack containers are available at select locations across Canada – they are highly specialized containers with no side walls and removable front and rear walls. These units are perfect for loading non-standard machinery and equipment.

For temperature sensitive storage, we also offer functioning and non-functioning reefer containers. The non-functioning refrigerated shipping containers retain the insulation properties of reefer container walls but have had their refrigeration unit removed and resealed. Standard 20’ reefer containers retain their functioning refrigerated unit and maintain the cooling and temperature-control properties of regular reefer units.

The 40ft container lineup is similar to the 20’ one, with units ranging from standard height 40’ to 40’ high cube units, to flat racks, open top, reefer and insulated containers. The benefit of 40 containers is that they offer double the usable length of the container for tons of extra storage.

In the used container category, we also offer the extra large 45’ shipping container. Currently, it is the largest container that we offer, with additional inside for storage or transportation of items. Like the rest of our containers, these 45’ high cube containers are weather sealed and in cargo worthy condition.

While on the topic of used containers, our website also offers a section on clearance containers. These are shipping containers that we have only in limited availability or, ones that have some slight damage. Our clearance containers are sold as is, but usually at a reduced cost to our cargo worthy alternatives. The price is set to reflect the kinds of damages present on the container and usually, they are some fantastic alternatives at an affordable cost.

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