The largest shipping container produced is the 53’ sea can. It offers a huge amount of interior space storage which makes it great for storage or for transportation of goods. This unit is only available as a high cube (9’6”H) but its width is different than standard shipping containers. With a standard sea can measuring 8’ in width, the 53’HC measures 8’ and 6”. Though highly sought after in many industries, it is rare and we’re happy to say that our offices in the greater Toronto area, Montreal and Western Canada now offer the 53′ shipping container for sale.

In order to make this shipping container compatible with standard container handlers, there is an additional set of corner castings at the 40ft mark for supplemental rigidity and easy handling. It also comes with standard forklift pockets for cases where a container handler is not available.

The used 53ft shipping containers are built with CORTEN anti-corrosive steel and are thoroughly inspected to ensure they are in cargo worthy condition. Similar to our regular fleet of used shipping containers, the 53ft units are 8-12 years in age and may contain minor surface imperfections that will not compromise their structural integrity. Our 12 point inspection process ensures that the units are wind & watertight, structurally sound and cargo worthy in order to safely and securely store your goods.

Some standard features include the interior floor which is made of 1.1” thick marine grade plywood, fully operational doors for easy access, lockable handles for security and weatherproof vents to increase airflow.

These units are rare and in limited quantity! Please contact a member of our sales team at 1-866-846-0270 for more information as these 53’ storage containers will be gone before you know it.