Shipping container rentals

ATS Containers offers short to long term shipping container rentals to meet client needs. Renting a storage contianer offers secure, flexible and convenient mobile storage that is ideal for commercial, industrial or residential use. Contact one of our sales agents for more information.

Image of a stack of shipping containers for rent

Rental units offer

  • Wind and water tight storage
  • Economical
  • Flexible rental term
  • Easily transportable
  • Secure
  • No equipment required to load/off load container
  • Same day or next day availability
  • Various sizes available to meet site constraints
  • Maintenance free
  • Professional appearance
  • Ground level access

The ATS Difference

ATS storage containers are great winter solutoins

Largest inventory of rental units available in Ontario & Quebec

20 ft and 40 ft storage containers available

Rental fleet of new, light grey provides a professional and neutral appearance

Superior flooring for rental applications

Poly urethane coated flooring provides increased durability and cleaner finish

Rental unit storage space

Tie rails for additional lashing or tie down of goods

Security features installed on our rental units

Secure lockbox included on ALL rental units for added protection

Photo of an ATS rental container

Multiple sizes available for same or next day delivery on tilt trailer

Sizes available

10' Standard

10' container for rent

Exterior: 9’9”L x 8’W x 8’6”H
Interior: 9’4"L x 7’8”W x 7’10”H
Door Opening: 7’8”W x 7’5”H

Weight: 3,000 LBS
Payload: 30,600 LBS

20' Standard

20 ft shipping container for rent

Exterior: 20’L x 8’W x 8’6”H
Interior: 19’9"L x 7’8”W x 7’10”H
Door Opening: 7’8”W x 7’5”H

Weight: 4,820 LBS
Payload: 62,380 LBS

40' High Cube

40ft high cube container rental unit

Exterior: 40’L x 8’W x 8’6”H
Interior: 39’6"L x 7’8”W x 7’10”H
Door Opening: 7’8”W x 7’5”H

Weight: 8,575 LBS
Payload: 58,625 LBS

Rental applications

  • Secure job site tool and/or equipment storage
  • Storage of promotional or seasonal goods for retail applications
  • Mobile offices, workshops
  • Cost effective outdoor signage
  • TV and film set or storage
  • Seasonal tire storage for car dealerships

Rental container at customer's construction site